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Treatment of Vasculitis in Dehradun

Treatment of Vasculitis in Dehradun

  • An inflammation of the blood vessels that causes changes in the blood vessel walls
  • Vasculitis can cause because vessel walls to thicken and narrow, cutting off vital blood supply to tissues and organs.
  • Symptoms include fever, fatigue, weight loss, and muscle and joint pain.
  • Some forms of vasculitis improve on their own. Others require medication.

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What is Vasculitis?

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Vasculitis is a general term that refers to the inflammation of blood vessels. When blood vessels become inflamed, they may become weakened, stretch, and either increase in size or become narrow — even to the point of closing entirely.

Vasculitis can affect people of all ages, but there are types of vasculitis that occur in certain age groups more often than others.

Some of the many forms of vasculitis may be restricted to particular organs. Examples include vasculitis that affects only the skin, eye, brain, or certain internal organs. There are also types of vasculitis that may affect many organ systems at the same time. Some of these generalized forms may be quite mild and may not require treatment. Others may be severe, affecting critical organs.

What Causes Vasculitis?

In many cases, the cause of vasculitis is unknown. In a few cases, however, the origins may be traced to recent or ongoing infections, such as those caused by certain viruses. Occasionally, an allergic reaction to a medication may trigger vasculitis.

Vasculitis can sometimes develop after an infection has come and gone. Usually, in these cases, the infection triggers an abnormal response in the person’s immune system, damaging the blood vessels. Vasculitis also may be related to other diseases of the immune system that the person has had for months or years. For example, it could be a complication of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or Sjögren’s syndrome.